Paperwork Solutions

Part of the PASS secret sauce is abstracting all important regulatory rules and requirements into our workflows. In the case of paperwork, we maintain an extensive library of paperwork types along with their associated re-testing and retention recommendations, which allows us to do some really useful things, including a feature we call Paperwork Solutions.

Paperwork Solutions are a set of smart insights that PASS Tools applies to our customers' paperwork to quickly bubble up issues and provide easy to use workflows to remedy them.

All solutions are displayed on a facility's dashboard, clearly marked on individual paperwork records, and viewable across an entire organization via homepage dashboard widgets and company-level reports.

Paperwork essentially boils down to two types, those that expire after a certain period of time and must be replaced, and those that much be retained for a specified period of time

For paperwork that must be retained we have a feature called Paperwork Suggestions which helps our customers understand and implement proper retention periods. Suggestions are also available for expiring paperwork, but these types of paperwork also potentially require more involved workflows, which is where Paperwork Solutions steps in.

Various types of expiring paperwork also have a Pass or Fail status, which gives us a number of situations that a paperwork record can have that needs a solution. Let's quickly look at what these are:

Passed Failed
Not Expired β€” Must be supplemented to create a passing scenario...
  • with an existing paperwork record
  • with a new paperwork record that needs to be uploaded


Must be replaced...

  • By an existing passing paperwork record
  • By a new passing paperwork record that needs to be uploaded
Expired Must be replaced...
  • By an existing paperwork record
  • By a new paperwork record that needs to be uploaded

PASS Tools provides guided workflows flows for each of these scenarios, presenting only those which are actually applicable, meaning if you have a failed paperwork record, but no other active, passing records of the same type, we won't offer you the ability to replace or supplement it with an existing paperwork, etc.

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