Paperwork Suggestions

Part of the PASS secret sauce is abstracting all important regulatory rules and requirements into our workflows. In the case of paperwork, we maintain an extensive library of paperwork types along with their associated retesting and retention recommendations, which allows us to do some really useful things, including a feature we call Paperwork Suggestions.

Paperwork Suggestions are proactive insights provided by PASS Tools that allows customers to quickly identify and remedy common problems associated with paperwork records.

All suggestions are displayed on a facility's dashboard, clearly marked on individual paperwork records, and viewable across an entire organization via homepage dashboard widgets and company-level reports.

We currently offer three types of suggestions:

1. Missing Documents

In older versions of PASS Tools it was possible to create a paperwork record without uploading any actual documentation which made for a less than desirable workflow. Also, if a user got sidetracked or forgot to upload the documents the system could have given the false impression that app required paperwork was accounted for when in fact it wasn't.

Enter the Missing Document suggestion. All paperwork records in the system that are missing associated documents/PDFs are now clearly identified.

2. Expiration Dates

Paperwork really boils down to two main types, those that expire, and those that need to be retained for a certain period of time, each of which have their own important dates to track.

If for some reason the expiration date of a paperwork record is set to something other than what is recommended, PASS Tools will provide a suggestion as to what the date should be set to.

3. Archive Dates

Any paperwork record with archive dates that are set differently than the recommended retention period will also offer a suggestion as to what the date should be set to.

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