Android Photo Upload Time-Out

Android Photo Upload Time Out Solution

If you are using PASS Tools and uploading photos in an inspection using an Android phone and it keeps timing out, it might be caused by the size of the photo. Follow these steps to turn off setting that will minimize the size of the file.

Important note please make sure your Android device is running the most up to date operating system.

When your camera app is up click the camera settings button, it typically looks like a cog wheel/gear.

1. Under the Intelligent features turn off Scene Optimizer.

2. Scroll down until you see Auto HDR and turn that setting off if not already.

3. The last setting you need to make sure are turned off is under Format and Advanced Options

Make sure all three options have been turned off HEIF pictures, RAW copies, and Ultra wide shape correction.

4. once all of those settings have been turned off go back to the camera screen and change the aspect ratio to either 9:16 or 3:4.

Please also watch this short video showing the options you can turn off to help speed up the upload time on photos.

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