Bulk Paperwork Imports

This article outlines the process for company to bulk import a large amounts of paperwork into PASS Tools. Please note that this process is only available for paid PASS Tools for Companies accounts.


  • Company must be able to upload all paperwork/documentation files to our FTP server
  • Company must be able to populate an excel manifest file that maps each file with the following metadata (required data is in bold):
    • Facility identifier, which can be any of the following:
      • Their assigned facility number
      • The External ID set in PASS Tools
      • The PASS Tools system ID
    • Paperwork Type
    • Vendor
    • Technician
    • Performed At
    • Expires At
    • Archived At
    • Passed?
    • Notes
    • filename

The Process

  1. PASS provides credentials to log into our FTP service
  2. Company connects to FTP server and uploads the manifest along with all documents that should be uploaded
  3. PASS will verify the formatting of the manifest then run the import
  4. After a QA check the import is complete

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