Commenting is a core component of PASS Tools, and makes it very easy to keep track of what everyone is doing inside of your account. Here's a quick explanation of how comment notifications work.

Just a quick not before we get started. There are many places throughout PASS Tools where you can comment, but just know that from now on anytime we say the word thread just refers to any place you see a list of comments.

Notification Emails

When creating a comment there are two ways that a user will receive an email notification when the comment is posted. Let's quickly run through those.

The User is Tagged

Tagging is a great way to loop in someone on a comment to help answer a question or get feedback. Tagging can be done by searching for the user you want to notify in the tag box. All users tagged on a comment will receive an email notification about this comment only, and won’t get more emails unless they comment themselves.
Tagging a User on a Comment

The User is on the Thread

Users who have commented on a thread get email notifications of any new comments on it going forward. In some instances there are other special users who will be notified of a comment, regardless of whether or not they are on the thread or tagged. Examples include:

  • Action Item Comments - Finder and Assignee
  • Inspection Comments - Inspector and Approver
  • Work Order Comments - Creator and Approver
Viewing Users on a Comment Thread

Email Replies

If you receive an email notification on a comment you can reply to that message from your email client and the a body of your email, along with any attachments you send along will be automatically posted as a comment on the thread. From that point on you are a part of the comment thread and will receive all additional comment notifications as the occur.
We do our best to scrape all of the cruft and clutter from your email reply but we do suggest that you remove your email signature along with any inline images/logos from your reply to ensure the best formatting of your comment.

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