Logbooks are a great way to track information at the facility level. They might include documents like:

  • Cathodic protection logs
  • State-required alarm and maintenance forms
  • Inventory reconciliation forms
  • Any other form that need to be filled out on a reoccurring basis and filed into your paperwork


The following diagram illustrates the hierarchy associated with logbooks.  This structure allows PASS to quickly and accurately roll out logbooks to our customers.

Logbook Hierarchy


The following diagram outlines the cycle of a logbook and associated logs.

Logbook Process Flow


The following attributes are required in order to create a logbook type:

  • Interval
    • How often does an entry need to be made in the log?
  • Period
    • What period of time does the log need to be open?
  • Fill-able PDF Form
    • A PDF that has been mapped with the form fields required for it to be properly filled out by PASS Tools
  • Paperwork Type
    • What type of paperwork record should the log be when it's completed?

Logbook Types can currently only be created and modified by PASS, but we plan on rolling out the ability for organizations to manage their own in the near future.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Logbooks?

Currently logbooks must be created and assigned to Organizations by PASS. Once an organization is given access to a logbook type any user that belongs to the org can create a logbook for any facility they have access to. Contact support to get started.

Who can fill out a logbook?

Logbooks can be completed by any user type that has access to manage the facility.

How is a logbook different than an inspection?

Inspections consist of an in-depth set of activities that triggers action items and are typically performed only by qualified individuals such as a designated operator or service technician.

Logbooks are meant to collect simple pieces of information such as a checklist, reading/measurement, or any other data point that is required to be recorded on a set schedule.

Is it possible to auto-populate parts of a log?

Yes! We have a number of facility and organization level data attributes that can be automatically populated in a given period's log. This is achieved by naming the appropriate PDF form fields using our documented naming conventions.

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