Work Order Example

Making sure a facilities UST equipment is working properly PASS Tools has the ability to make action items and send out work orders for the action item to be resolved. In this article it will take you on a step-by-step process on adding an action item to a work order to be sent off for approval, dispatch, and resolution.

1. Currently logged in as a Director User, Mark Admin, click on "Facilities" Shown below.

2. Choose the facility that an action item needs created and added to a work order.

3. Once you are in the facility profile click on Work Order in the black navigation bar. Next choose "+ Add Work Order". This will open a Work Order draft. This must be created first before the action item.

4. Now that our Work Order has been created go to the black bar and click on "Action Items" and click on "+ Add Action Item"

5. This will open a window to fill out information needed for the action item. And click "Save Changes"

6. Once the action item is complete and assigned a work order the action item will be added to the work order automatically. And is ready to be assigned an approver. In this example we are choosing "Homer Simpson"

7. Once the work order has been assigned an approver at the Company in this example it is State Side Convenience Stores, the Director User is done until the company appoves the work order.

8. In these next few steps it will show the steps on how the Company User, Homer Simpson approves the Work Order.

9. Homer Simpson will receive an email stating that he has a work order waiting for his approval. When Homer logs into his account he will go to Work Orders and choose the correct Order to approve in this example Work Order # 6-48-385.

10. A message will appear telling the Company User that he is done and that the Service Provider USA Service, Co can now dispatch a technician to resolve the work order.

11. Now back as a Director User, Mark Admin with USA Service, Co, He will go find the approved Work Order under the Approved Tab in the Work Order Menu.

12. In this step USA Service, Co will dispatch/schedule a tech to resolve the issue.

13. Finally the technician, Sherlock Holmes will receive an email informing him of the Work Order that has been assigned to him. And can access the work order at this time for resolution.

14. Once the Work Order has been resolved it will notify USA Service, Co of the resolution

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