Changing Password

We have to remember so many passwords in the technology age that we tend to forget a few along the way if we don't write them down or save them. This article will show the different ways you can change your password.

Automated Password Reset

1. When trying to login to PASS Tools and you forget your password under the login fields click on the link that says "Forgot your Password".

2. Enter in your email address we (PASS) have on file for your account and an automated email will be sent with the instructions on how to reset your password.

Admin Manual Password Reset

An admin can also manually reset your password for you. Have your PASS Tools account admin follow these steps to reset your password.

1. They must be logged into their account at

2. Next, you will go to the user list for your company and choose the user that needs their password reset.

3. Once on their account click on "Edit Details"

4. Once in the "Edit Details" menu you will see two blank fields to enter a new password and enter it again to confirm you have typed it correctly. And click "Update User"

PASS Tools Support can also help resetting passwords as well. Please contact Support at or (765) 218-5588 Ext. 901

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