How to Address Duplicate Students, Facilities, or Companies

If you notice that you have duplicate students, facility administrators, or facilities please give us a call at 765-281-5588 so that we may address this issue for you.  During a recent clean-up of our system, we noticed quite a few duplicates and this can cause many problems for all of us. 
  • Multiple Company Accounts:  Sometimes students will register your company rather than logging in with their usernames and passwords, creating a different account for your company.  A Company account should only be registered once. The problem is that you will not be able to view your students' certificates or trainings if you would need to do so. This could also create an issue if the student called in for customer support and had accounts located in multiple companies. Ensuring your students login instead of register will help with this problem.  
  • Multiple Student Accounts:  If you are a Company Admin or Facility Admin you are also a student.  This means that you do not need to have a separate Admin and Student account.  You could forget you have training under one username/account and redo the training using your other username.  We would like for everyone to have one username and password for our site. 
  • We all make mistakes!  Sometimes we just accidentally add a student twice, or add a facility that was all ready there. It's no big deal for us to address these issues so please call and let us help you clean up those messy accounts!  

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