How to Assign Training to an Employee-Company Admin


1.  Using your username and password, login to

2.  Select the  Students tab.

3.  Search the employee’s name, then select the employee.
4.  On the next screen:

  • Click the green Assign Training button if you have already purchased training credits for this employee and the training is not visible in their In Progress or Completed Trainings sections. 
  • Click the Marketplace tab if you have not yet purchased the training for this employee. You will then select the training from Marketplace, in the purchase options box, search and select the students name and Assign Training to Another User button, this will assign it to that student and create a shopping cart to purchase the training; for help with that see Purchasing Training Course -Company Admin.

5.  If you clicked  Assign Training, the window that appears shows you all of the training credits your Company has pre-purchased or has available for them to take.  Select the training you wish to assign to this employee. 

6.  The next screen shows you that the training you selected has been added to the employee’s In Progress trainings.  The can now log in with his or her username and password and start training by clicking on that training.  If you selected the wrong training, simply click on the training and select Remove Training and this will put it back into your company's credit pool.


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