How to Add a New Student-Facility Admin

1.  Login to and select the Students tab.

2.  Click the green Add Student box.
3.  On the next screen, do the following
  • ​Enter the employee’s first and last name.          
  • Enter the employees e-mail address (username).  
  • IMPORTANT: Some Companies have the ability to assign an username that is not the employees email address.  This username must be unique to each employee.   Along with the username you will be asked for an email address, this can be the Companies e-mail address if your company would like to receive the reminder emails rather than the student. This email can be the same for all students if you are set up this way.
  •  Create a password and enter the same password in the Password Confirmation box.  
  • Select a facility that the student belongs to from the drop down box.
  • Phone number, Nickname and Employee ID boxes are optional.
  • Select if they are a Student or if you would like for them to be an Administrator.
  • Click Create User.

If you receive an error message on the next screen, do the following.
  • If the username is not unique in our system, consider adding a series of numbers to the username you created.  Example:  You created johndoe as the username.  This username is already being used by someone in our system.  Change the username to johndoe42.
  • You will need to retype the password and password confirmation because these are automatically erased when there is an error. 
  • Click Create User.                                                  
Remember or write down the employee’s username and password and provide them to the employee.  The employee will need to go to and enter that username and password to log in.

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