How to Complete an Order

1. Search for the training you're looking for

Just type the name of the state or type of training you're looking for into the search box

Search for the training you're looking for

2. Select your course

Select your course

3. Check existing credits

From the product page you are able to see if you already have training credits available for the training you're looking at. This helps prevent duplicate purchases.

Check existing credits

4. Add the product to your shopping cart

You have the option to simply purchase credits that can be used at a later time, or to assign the credit directly to an existing user in the system, just select their name from the search box before adding it to the cart.

Add the product to your shopping cart

5. Checkout


6. Select your payment method

All accounts have the ability to complete purchases via credit card.

If your account is setup for invoicing you will see the option to create in invoice here as well.

Select your payment method

7. Enter your payment details

Enter your credit card details. On compatible devices you will also have the ability to use Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Optionally, accounts now have the ability to save credit card details to their account for later use. This is great for situations where multiple users need to make purchases, or for frequent users of the system.

Note that if a payment method is saved it will be available for use by all users in your account that have permissions to create invoices.

Enter your payment details

8. Click the "Pay" button

Click the "Pay" button

9. View invoice details

If you need to search or print detailed information about your invoice, you can find it in its associated shopping cart. There you will be able to search individual assignments as well as generate PDFs and CSVs of the data.

View invoice details

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