Adding Service Plans to Facility with Multiple Equipment Systems

PASS provides an array of inspections that can be conducted at a fueling facility. When you need to add a service plan to a facility you must take a few steps to make sure the facilities equipment systems are created correctly. The type of systems you could potentially see at your facility are:

UST System

AST System

Generator System


Not every facility will have all three some might just have one system so this is site specific.

1. If you go to the facility that needs a new AST Service Plan added, first click on the "Edit Details" for the facility.

2. Add all features that are located at that facility. Since we need to add a AST Service Plan we are adding AST to the facility features.

3. Click "Update Facility". Now Choose Equipment

4. Click on +Add System

5. Name the new system for this example we will name it AST System. Choose if you want to show the new system in the Compliance Book and save.

6. Now that we have successfully added the AST facility feature and the AST System in your equipment list you are now ready to assign the service plan to this facility

7. Choose More and click on Service Plans from the drop down.

8. +Add Plan

9. Fill out the form choosing the Service Plan, Responsible Inspector and choose what equipment system this inspection belongs to, AST System or UST System. Add Service Plan

10. A green banner will appear informing you that you successfully added the service plan to the facility.

You have successfully added another equipment system to a facility and assigned a equipment system specific service plan. You are now ready to start your inspection!

Any Issues or concerns please contact PASS Support at E: P: (765) 281-5588

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