How to Add New System in PASS Tools

Here is examples of how to create a new system within PASS Tools

Step 1. Find the company/facility

Step 2. At the Facility level(Black BAR) choose Equipment

Step 3. Choose the +ADD System button and label the new system

Step 4. Once the system is created you can add new equipment to it or migrate existing equipment to the new system.  Adding new equipment to the system is pretty straight forward by clicking the green add equipment button from the new System page, to move equipment that is under the MAIN SYSTEM, or another system> find the equipment in the list and choose edit details, in the edit details section you can switch the equipment between systems.

Step 5. Once the equipment is configured a new service plan can be added.  Make sure all equipment is right before launching the new inspection on the new system, as changes to the system after launching may not expose certain questions that deal with the components added.

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