Adding Facility

As a Director Admin and Company Admin you have the ability to add new facilities to your companies account. This support article will walk you through the proper steps to successfully upload a new facility. As always please make sure are logged into your account at

In this example I am logged in as a Company Admin but the process is still the same for a Director Admin.

1. Once the user has successfully logged in click on "Facilities" in the blue navigation bar.

2. This page will list all of your companies active Facilities. Click on "+ Add Facility"

3. Once you have clicked on add facility you will need to fill out the form with Facility Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, and what feature your facility has (UST, AST, etc). These fields are required but as much information as possible helps the system work more smoothly.

4. You can also upload a photo of the new facility to make it easily identifiable when searching through all of the company facilities.

Have any problems getting a new facility added to your company or service provider account please reach out to the PASS Support Team at (765) 281-5588 Ext 901 or send an email to and a representative will reach out to help with any issues.

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