Paperwork Management

Here at PASS we want to make keeping all of your UST facility paperwork all in one place and easily accessible. We have simplified that by adding Paperwork Management for PASS Tools for Companies clients.You are able to upload different types of paperwork related to your facility. Below is a list of Paperwork Categories we are capable of uploading to PASS Tools.

To add paperwork follow the steps below.

1. Login to PASS Tools at

2. Go to the facility that needs paperwork added and click on "Paperwork" in the black navigation bar.

3. Click "Add Paperwork"

4. The next page you will see the form to fill in the information for the paperwork you are adding. PASS has preset Paperwork Categories they are listed in the drop down box of the Type of Paperwork field.

5. Once complete click "Create Paperwork". Find the paperwork you just created in the list and click on it to open. Then choose "Add Document".

6. A Pop-up window will open asking for name, type of document, if you want the document to visible in the Digital Compliance Binder, and where you choose and upload the document. Click save when complete.

Any questions? Please contact support at 765-281-5588 Ext 901 or

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