Email Notification Types and Management

Being a user in PASS Tools gives you access to set up certain email notifications you would like to receive from PASS Training & Compliance. Below are examples of what those emails would look like. These are not the only notifications you can choose. When logged in to PASS tools you can go to your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen. A drop down will appear where you can click on Email Notifications. In the next window, you will see where you can turn on and off certain email notifications.

Having issues with notification management please contact our Support channel at

Examples of Email Notifications

Action Item Assigned

Action Item Summary

Action Items Outstanding

Inspection Completed

New Comment

Paperwork Expires within 30 Days

Paperwork Expiring

Paperwork Failed

Transactional Email Summary

Work Order Approved

Work Order Closed

Work Order Denied

Work Order Dispatched

Work Order Resolved

Work Order Submitted

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