Managing Third-Party Certificates

PASS Training allows for the uploading and tracking of certificates that have been issued by third-party training providers. You can add a certificate in just a few quick steps:

  1. Navigate to the student that the certificate belongs to
  2. Once on the student's dashboard, you will see a button titled "Upload Third-Party Certificate"Student Training Dashboard
  3. You will then be presented with a form to enter the certificate's details as well as upload the certificate file, the certificate must be in PDF format. All fields in the form, except for "Expires", which doesn't always apply, are required in order to save the certificate.Third-Party Certificate Form
  4. Once saved, the certificate will show up alongside all of the student's other trainings and will be prefixed with the training vendor's name so that it's easily identifiable. We'll remind you if this training expires and the student needs to retrain, and the record will show up in all applicable reports along with all of our first-party training records.

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