UST Detail Report

The UST Detail report is designed to give users quick access to many of the most useful attributes of all underground storage tanks (USTs) that belong to a Company.

The report is searchable by facility and any text-based tank detail field and can be exported to a comma separated value (CSV) file so that it can be easily sorted and filtered in a spreadsheet.

Currently this report is only found at the Company level. You can run it by navigating to:
Company > Reports > UST Detail Report

UST Detail Report - Sample

The fields included in this report are:

  • Facility ID
  • Facility Name
  • Facility Number
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Equipment ID
  • Retired?
  • Tank Number
  • Tank Product
  • Tank Capacity
  • Tank Registration Number
  • Tank Installation Date
  • Tank Construction Material
  • Tank Diameter
  • Tank Manufacturer
  • Tank Model
  • Tank UL Number
  • Piping Installation Date
  • Piping Construction Material
  • Fuel Pump Type
  • STP Make/Model
  • Sump Construction Material
  • Sump Construction Type
  • Spill Bucket Manufacturer
  • Spill Bucket Size
  • Spill Bucket Construction Type

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