Student Dashboard-Navigating the Website

As a student, after you log in at this is what your screen will look like. 

1.  This is the Home button. Clicking it will bring you back to this screen.
2.  This button will open up your profile information.
3.  This is the Support button. You can access our Support Forum or Create a Support Ticket that will get you in contact with us.
4.  This is the information button. Hover over this symbol and it will provide you with your name, Company Role (Student, Facility Admin or Company Admin), and Company.
5.  Log Out here
6.   Edit Profile - This will open your profile information.
7.   My Facilities - This shows the information for the facility or facilities that you belong to.
8.   Your Orders - This is where you can view previous orders for training or create a new order to purchase training.
9.  This is where your trainings are sorted by:

  • In Progress - Started but not completed trainings
  • Completed - Completed and currently valid trainings
  • Expired Training - These trainings have expired.  You (or whomever's e-mail is associated with your account) will receive e-mails about re-trainings.
  • Retired - Expired trainings that have been marked as retired to stop e-mail reminders.

10.  This is where you can start your training, resume your training, view your certificate after completion, mark as retired, and review your training.
11.  This is the Purchase More Training button where you can purchase more training.
12.  This is the Assign Training button where you can access the trainings that have been paid for.

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