Finding State Specific Training Information

PASS works hard to keep up with the ever-changing world of environmental regulations so that we can help keep our customers informed.  If you need information on UST rules and regulations or information about the training courses and pricing for your state, visit our Marketplace.

1.  Go to and select Marketplace.

2.  Select Trainings by State and select your state from the map or from the search bar on the right.  

3.  Select the Category of training you would like to view. Note : State specific News updates from our blog are on this page on the right hand side.

3.  From this page you can find the trainings available in that state and the prices, and a section that is dedicated to rules and regulations.  If you select a training it will give you more details about the training, including a course description, retraining requirements, and chapter descriptions as well as purchase options.


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