How to Start a Training Course-Company Admin

If you have all ready purchased training for yourself and are ready to take the training, you will follow these steps. If you need help purchasing training, please see Purchasing Training Course Credits-Company Admin

1.  Using your username and password, log in to

2.  After you log in click on My Trainings. Click on the Training that has been assigned to you and skip to step 5. If your training is not visible go to step 3.

3.  If you know that training has been purchased but is not visible click the green  Assign Training button.  This will open a screen with the available trainings your company has purchased. 

4.  Select the Course you need to take. This assigns that training to you and sends you back to step 2. Where you will now see that you have that training available to start.   

5.  Verify that all information on the screen is correct and click I Agree, Start Training.

6.  Click on Read Chapter to start training.


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