Purchasing Training Course - Student

To purchase training from the PASS Marketplace follow these steps.

  1. With your username and password, log in to http://training.passtesting.com
  2. Click on the Marketplace tab at the top of your screen.

      3.  You can find the training you're looking for by a few different methods:

  • Type the name of the training/state you're looking for in the search box at the top of the page
  • Select Training by State
  • Training by Category
  • For Marketplace, help see the Marketplace Guide

       4.  Once you have selected the training you would like to take, in the Purchasing Options box select Add this Training to my Account.

      5.  This will open up your Shopping Cart.  You can continue shopping, empty your cart, or select Checkout to pay for your training.

      6.  Enter your credit card info into the spaces provided.
      7.  Once you have paid for your order it will take you to the Invoice screen where you can print your receipt.  You can click on the link on the order to access your training or you can select My Training from the tabs at the top of the screen. For help starting your training see How to Start A Training Course - Student.


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