Purchasing Training Course-Facility Admin

This article is for helping you as a Facility Administrator understand how to purchase a training for yourself or for students. Invoicing options may be different from company to company.

1.  With your username and password, log in to http://training.passtesting.com

2.  Select Marketplace. Search for the training you are looking for or choose a category to search. For Marketplace help please see Marketplace Help.

3.  Once you have selected the training, you have three Purchasing Options

  • Assign Training - This option is used to assign this training to a student. Start typing the students name in the box and select them, then select Assign This Training to Another User Button.
  • Take Training - This option is used to assign the training to yourself. Select Add this training to my account and it will be automatically assigned to you.
  • Purchase Credits - This option is used to purchase training credits that can be used anytime after the order is paid for. You can select the quantity of trainings you need from this screen, and then select Add to Cart.

4.  After selecting your option it will create a Shopping Cart.  You can Continue Shopping if you need to add more trainings, or if you are ready to check out you can select Complete Your Order.  NOTE- If you are a larger company with the Invoicing option you may also click on the Create Invoice button. Once an Invoice is created it can not be added to or changed.  Training is available to take after the invoice is created.(If your company has aggregated invoicing, selecting an option above will add your selection to your Companies Open Order with nothing further for you to do)

5.  A small window will pop open. Enter your credit/debit card number, the expiration date, and CVC (the 3 digit number on the back of your card). Then click Pay

6.  A verification will appear and the Order will say Completed and Paid. You can print your receipt from this screen.  Your purchased trainings are now available.  If you need help with starting your training please visit 

How to start a Training Course-Facility Admin

.  Once the order is paid for if you need help assigning training to other students please visit 

How to assign training to an employee-Facility Admin



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