Self Student Registration

​Companies have the ability to send their students a student self registration link that gives the student the opportunity to create a account within the existing company account.  If you would like to access this feature you can retrieve your link by logging into your company PASS account and select Student Self Registration Link under your company details in the Dashboard.  If you do not see this option please contact us and we would be glad to turn it on for you.

Once you select the link it will open up an example of what your student will see when they click on the link.  Example below.

To retrieve the link that you will share with your students, simply right click on the URL bar at the top of your browser page and select copy. You can then paste this link into an email to send out to your selected students or post it to an area for students to use. Example below.
As a student using the link once you click on the link/navigate to the page, you will see a screen like the one below. Please fill in all the details. The facility box lets you select what location you work at for the company.  This is a searchable dropdown box that will narrow down the results by searching for the facility name or address.  If you do not see your facility after searching please contact your supervisor. Once you have selected your facility and filled in your details select Register for PASS Training and you will be directed to your account.  Example below.

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